Packaging supplies available onsite, for your convenience!

To ensure that your experience with the Store Fast team is smooth and simple, we also offer a selection of packaging supplies at our facilities, such as storage boxes, tape, and markers, to help make sure that your belongings are safely packed away and ready for storage. Although our units are safe, secure, and waterproof, packing and storing your belongings in the right way will ensure that they are still in the same condition when you remove them from storage.

If you are not sure how to pack certain items, especially for long-term storage, our team will happily advise you on which packaging supplies to use with which items for the best results.

Our packaging materials


  • Storage Boxes
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Pad Locks

Some packaging & storage tips:


  • Remember to number or name your boxes when packing, so that you know exactly where to find certain items
  • Make sure to fill each box to the top as half packed boxes may collapse under heavy weight
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items (like books), and larger boxes for lighter items (like linen), so that you are still able to move the box once filled
  • Seal every filled box with tape. Not only will this protect the contents, but it will also strengthen the box
  • Cover all mattresses and furniture with mattress covers to protect it against the elements
  • Indicate fragile goods clearly
  • The ink on newspapers may damage fragile porcelain items or china, so rather wrap these items up in tissue paper before packing
  • If you are going to need access to some items again soon, remember to place them to the front of your storage unit

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